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Latest News

Latest News
Hangouts 2.1 Update, Is This The Messaging App We Always Wanted?

Hangouts has improved throughly since launch. Is it your primary messaging app yet?

Kickstarter Alert - Hover: Revolt Of Gamers

This love child of Mirror’s Edge and Jet Set Radio is setting its sights on next-gen systems.

Next Ace Attorney Teased In Upcoming Famitsu Magazine

Director Shu Takumi also teased in an earlier Japanese Nintendo Direct that this game will move in a completely different direction.

LG G3 Screenshots Show Off Cleaner Interface, Soft Keys, Confirm 2K Display

The G3 is shaping up to be amazing.

Sprint Planning To Make Their Handsets SIM Unlockable Starting In February 2015

Sprint is making a big move is being an open carrier. But will anyone else join them?

[Updated] Nest Thermostat To Soon Be Sold In Google Play Store?

Is Google about to start selling Nest in the Play Store?

Hangouts APK Teardown Reveals Coming Google Voice Integration And SMS/MMS Backup

Code embedded in the latest Hangouts update shows that Voice integration is getting closer.

HTC One M8 Mini To Be Launched By Verizon? - Rumored Specs

The M8 Mini might be headed for Verizon. Would you get it?

Nest Thermostat: The First Step to Complete Home Automation?

Home automation is something we all want, so let's take a look at the first step into the home of the future.

LG G Watch - What We Know So Far

The G Watch is no secret. Let's take a look at what we know so far...

Netflix To Increase Pricing

Netflix wants to increase their pricing, but do they have a reason?

Sources Confirm KitKat Update Rollout Schedule For Verizon Note 2, Note 3, S4 And S4 Mini

KitKat is making it's way to some Samsung Galaxy devices on the Big Red very soon...

Does Square Enix Need To Keep “Reinventing The Wheel”?

With the recent information coming out that may concern the development of Final Fantasy XV, I give my two cents and try to look at both sides in this article.

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