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Latest News

Latest News
Apple TV Adds A&E, History Channel, And Lifetime Channels To It's Store

New channels have been added to Apple TV. Go check them out!

LG G3 Mini Specs Surface - 720p Screen & 8MP Camera On Board

Before we've even seen the G3, leaks are already coming out for the G3 Mini. 

New Leak Show Off Two Upcoming Moto G Variants - Moto G LTE & Ferrari

An LTE variant of the Moto G might be on it's way, would you buy it?

Samsung Opens Up "Innovation Museum" To Look Back At The Innovative Technology Of The Past - What Would You Put In It?

What would you put in an innovation museum if you owned it?

RUMOR: Ubisoft Is Working On A New 2D Prince of Persia Game

If this is true, the UbiArt Frameworks engine will be getting even more use.

Verizon LG G2 KitKat Update Rolling Out Now

Looks like Verizon is finally letting the update through!

Next Generation iPad Air Display Leaks Show Us Integrated Display?

Could Apple be planning to make the next iPad even thinner with the help of an integrated display?

iOS 8 Screenshot - iWatch Soon To Come?

Could this screeshot (if real) prove the coming of an iWatch?

CEO Of Yahoo Trying To Convince Apple To Make Yahoo The Default Search Engine

Could we see Yahoo become the default search engine for the iPhone and Apple in general?

MLB At Bat Updated With Chromecast Support On iOS And Android

MLB is now on Chromecast!

AT&T LG G Flex To Receive KitKat Update Today - Rolling Out Now

The LG G Flex is recieveing it's KitKat update now! If you're on AT&T...

Minecraft For PS3 Heading To Retail Shelves May 16th - PS4 & PS Vita Versions Coming Soon

Minecraft for PS3 is heading to retail, but more importantly, the PS4 version is on it's way!

New Details Regarding The ASUS C200 & C300 Chromebooks Revealed

Could ASUS have a couple winners on it's hands?

How The OnePlus One Died Before My Eyes - Leaked Screenshots And Invite System Spell "No"

The OnePlus One has lost my respect after the company's latest announcements.

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